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Martin is not only active as a musician and composer, but he also founded the record label Glasohr Music in 2012. Check it out at
Up to present, there are two releases on Glasohr Music:

Trio Collage – Conclusion

Released January 7, 2013
M.A.T. Acoustics / Glasohr Music (LC 29192)
UPC 887516046216
MAT 1301 / GLS 1301
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Martin Terens Trio – Morn & Eve

Released May 21, 2012
M.A.T. Acoustics / Glasohr Music(LC 29192)
UPC 885767027954
MAT 1201 / GLS 1201
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Lukas Gabric & Martin Terens – Ballad Book: Chapter I

Released July 5, 2014
M.A.T. Acoustics / Glasohr Music (LC 29192)
UPC 888174882338
MAT 1401 / GLS 1401
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Ohne Titel

If you are a musician or a band interested in publishing a record, and you still haven’t found the right label, please contact Glasohr Music for more information.

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